Four things I’m embracing this summer

1. Pale Skin

I’ve done the dream matte mouse 6 shades too dark circa 2010, matured to warming my face with bronzer.. but I think now i’m finally ok with rocking a pale face. 9/10 it’s actually hard for me to find a shade pale enough for these pasty cheeks, but recently i’ve fallen for a couple from The Body Shop and surprisingly Primark?! It’s made such a difference having options in my collection that actually suit me. Reviews of both foundations coming soon!

2. Adult Life

For ages I fought accepting responsibilities, I wanted to be the party girl who lived fast. Turns out, that’s just not me anymore and i’m fine with that. I’m excited for my future being out in the big wide world. I’m currently working 9-5 Monday to Friday, balancing work experience, studying and socialising and thriving from the routine and structure. Plus next week I move in with my boyfriend.. EEEP BILLS AND HOME WEAR. 

3. Mental Health

I hid my mental health struggles or so long, I had my small circle who knew and to anyone else I was fine. I’m learning to share my feelings with my parents and be more vocal about struggling. It’s ok to admit at times that you need help or some time away. 

4. Bold Fashion

My sense of style is finally starting to come into its own. I used to buy out there pieces that I wanted to rock and was never brave enough to wear out of the house. I’ve got an extensively bright and variable wardrobe that I’m finally starting to wear. I’m loving culottes, bell sleeves and metallics. 


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