I’ve decided 2017 is the year I stop rolling out of bed and shoving on the closest outfit I can find. I’m determined to find my sense of style and what I feel comfortable in (you can read about my other 2017 goals here!) Over the last few months i’ve probably done enough online browsing and shopping to dress a small countries population. So with my wardrobe booming and my bank balance sobbing, I thought i’d start showing you guys my purchases!

Now this outfit 10/10 isn’t suitable for the current weather we’re having, but never the less I adore it. I purchased the bag whilst shopping in London over the christmas period. I literally couldn’t leave Pull&Bear without it. For me comfort is essential when I’m spending long days at the library or in lectures so culottes are a staple in my wardrobe. And you can’t go wrong with a white tee?! Both were purchased from Boohoo, but I can’t find the originals online so i’ll link some similar ones below!

What pieces are in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without? Link me below so I can check them out!

Until next time!


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