2017 Hopes…

I’ve decided I don’t believe in resolutions, there too harsh for me. Instead i’ve compiled a list of goals i’m actively looking to reach for and meet in the coming year.

1. Achieve Academically

2. Have my work published in varying places

3. Be more creative

4. Switch up my workout routine

5. See new places

6. Plan for the future

7. Do more for others happiness

8. Find my sense of style

9. Eat more organic and plant based meals

10. Be more responsible for money

At this time of year it’s easy to jump into action set a million goals and burn yourself out in your efforts to achieve them. Be sustainable, be good to yourself . Set goals that aid in self growth and development. For me that’s the most important reason for striving to achieve things. Don’t set goals that will put you in a negative mindframe or make you question what you’re doing.

One thought on “2017 Hopes…

  1. I just wanna say, whatever you do, do it with extreme dedication. You must differentiate your long term goals. Achieve the short term goals. and trust me, it will definitely help you to build that ultimate goal. Grind yourself. And the most important thing is, stay fit. Peace.


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