Friday Feelings | Still adjusting to second year..

Shock of the century, Lorna neglected her blog again.. But here I am with a Friday feelings.

Second year is fucking tough. My life is a blur of libraries, text books and deadlines. A far cry from the antics of first year..

Honestly, i’m becoming a hermit. I’ve set myself the goal of not going out at all during November to put me in the best position for going home and actually having time to give to my family and friends over Christmas. Something that i’ve sadly neglected during first semester.

Although, i’m grafting and it’s starting to pay off. I’ve secured a lab placement for summer (phewwwww) and have so many exciting things coming up all to do with science and my future. It’s honestly amazing what a little focus and drive can do for you.

Honestly not sure where I was planning on going with this post.. but I thought i’d give anyone who cares a little update lol..

I’ll be back soon with something more interesting soon I promise!


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