Pallette Review | The Balm Nude ‘Tude


Back at it again with another pallete review.. this time from a completely new brand to me- The Balm Cosmetics. After seeing so much hype online for years now surrounding this brand I decided it was time I bit the bullet and put these shadows to the test. I think what initially put me off making a purchase was the price point of the brand, it’s not quite high end pricing but way off drugstore pricing so I just wasn’t sure what to expect. But when seeing this pallete on sale in TKMax for just £16, I thought right it’s time to delve into the world of their products.

The colour range of the pallete is impressive, it’s extremely versatile and can easily create several looks suitable for both day and night. The pigmentation is better than most high end shadows that I own, paticularly the matte black ‘serious’ which is super opaque and makes a perfect product for creating a softer liner look.

The downside to the pallette? It’s missing a transition shade that personally suits my skin tone. I’m on the pale side and the matte brown provided it just too dark for me to use to bled. Which is a shame, because otherwise this pallete would be the only shadows I would have to take to travel. It’s a beautiful pallette but theres no shades that are completely new to my collection, there’s nothing revolutionarily different about this product to a lot of other pallettes available. It seems to be a compilation of many different popular pallettes into one.

Would I recommend the pallete? 100%. The longevity and pigmentation of these shadows is worth the cost. After barely dipping my toes into the available products from The Balme, i’m excited to look further into the products that they have to offer and put them to the test.

Whats you’re favourite shade from the pallette? If you own it what’s your favourite eye look to creat?

Let me know in the comments!


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