A letter to the previous me…


Looking in the mirror now. I’m not the same person I was 6 years ago, maybe not even 6 months ago. This year has been such a period of self growth and discovery, carving my own pathway and deciding the kind of person I want to be in life. I thought i’d sit down, and pour out all the thoughts I wish I could have told myself years ago.

‘Hey you,

I know it seems like the world is crashing around you, you didn’t get full marks in a test or exam so naturally your beating yourself up about it. Because we all know nothing less than perfect is good enough for you to feel worthy of education. Lorna you’re wrong, so wrong. You’re going to absoluetly smash your GCSE’s, and althought you won’t end up at Oxford or Cambridge like you’re hoping for right now Sheffield is bloody fantastic. You’ll meet so many amazing people, and learn that it is possible to complete a rainbow challenge at Corp – something you definitely wouldn’t get an Oxford! But just maybe party a little less hard when your degree starts to count..

Boys don’t mean anything. I hate to sound patronising, but you’re young and not in love. They’ll hurt you, and break your heart and make you doubt your self worth. Don’t let them, you’re more than that.’ Don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man’. Learn from this quote, don’t shrink yourself for a boy, go out and explore and live your life to the fullest.

Your friendship group will grow smaller, and thats ok. Not everyone is destined to be in your life right now. Most girls you’re calling your ‘BFFL’ right now you probably wouldn’t even recognise in the street by the time you’re 18. (There probably engaged or have 3 kids right now). Girls are bitches and that’s how it is. Not everyone has the best intentions, not everyone has your back and sometimes you’ve got to learn to feel alone. Be greatful for the ones you do have, because their a fucking crazy bunch and you’re going to make memories with the people that matter.

I’ve got to be honest, you’re life isn’t going to be picture perfect. You’ll get ill, and injured and struggle to walk for quite a while. You’ll cry and scream that it isn’t fair. But the truth is life isn’t fair and thats something you’re just going to have to accept. You have to carve new routes for yourself, maybe take a little diversion along the way but you’ll end up where you’re supposed to. Don’t panic. Don’t make anything or anyone make you feel like you’re not enough, and don’t be affraid to chase your dreams because of what other people think. It’s ok not to fit into the box that people want to put you in.

Never let anything define you, not you’re background or your mental health, your weight or your career dreams because they’ll come under scrutany more than you can imagine as this joyful teen without a care in the world.

But lord please discover hair styling and contouring a little earlier. Your old facebook photos are a complete travesty and something which nobody should never have to see.

As for university.. Party hard, but never drink shooters from the SU bar because you’ll be sick down yourself and won’t see your flat for 3 days because you’re so hungover and think it might be the end of your life. Make an effort with people, its a two way street. People you never thought you would be friends with will turn out to be the ones you can’t imagine life without. They’ll be lots of fit guys, but their probably all pricks.. so just stay clear. And maybe try not to wear a leotard and your red velvet skirt on every night out? Change it up a little bit.Also don’t be afraid of going in the ‘guys section’ of the gym , you’ll proabably outlift them anyway.. you’ve come along way since being that shy little ballet dancer at the back of class.

Don’t care what people think of you. Dance in the street, wear glitter whenever you want to and go to any and every festival you can. Express yourself’

Sorry if this is too personal of a post, you know when you just need to get some things out of your chest so it feels a little lighter? What do you wish you could tell your former self? Any fashion faux pars? Let me me know on twitter @basicallylorna.



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