what being healthy means to me

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After watching Grace Victorys documentary ‘Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets’ I realised how warped the internet’s perception of health has become lately and it got me thinking am I actually healthy or do I just think I am because sometimes I eat what the popular insta girls eat? So since watching it i’ve honestly been looking at my current lifestyle, and reflecting on the changes i’ve made and been through in the last year and decided what helath and wellbeing means to me.

  1. Not being restrictive with my food – More than I care to admit, i’ve fallen into feelings of guilt over meals i’ve eaten or food choices i’ve made because i’m scared of the outcome of it and like i’ll be taking a million steps backwards on my fitness journey. Alot of this occured last year when I was at my lowest weight ever, and most definitely had an unhealthy relationship with food. Where as now, I eat intuitively. I try to make healthy choices everyday, opting for as many vegetables as I can and makign sure I have a high protein intake. I wouldn’t stay I still indulge 100% guilt free but i’m definitely getting there.
  2. Taking rest days– Listening to your body is essential. Taking time out is OK, and most of the time necessary to maintain a healthy body, and avoid injury. Again, I went through a phase of thinking I could never have a day off from the gym or i’d magically gain a 37 stone. Now i’m happy to take a few days out, refocus and realise that I won’t lose all my progress.
  3. Weight gain is normal– Our body weight fluctuates and sometimes we have to gain weight for our body to be at our ‘happy weight’. Personally im 10kg heavier than my lowest ever weight, althought i’m currently working to lose a few kg to lean down I think i’m much happier at this size. Strangely my dress size hasnt’t changed majorly, this time last year I switched between a 6-8, and now I vary between an 8-10. The only issue being finding jeans that fit my waist and my peach… but hey booty gains?!
  4. Varying my training– I used to be queen of cardio constantly running, or on the bike, and then I was queen of lifting where even the mention of cardio practically broke me out into a cold sweat in fear of the pain of a spin class. Now i’ve found my balance, I run as often as my injury permits me to. I try to attend gym classes, which is something which I never thought i’d do. For some reason I had it in my head that they just wouldn’t do anything for me?  Imagine telling that to myself now who waddles home from the insanely tough HIIT class my university gym runs. I still love lifting, and have found a passion in power lifting. But varying it up keeps me motivated, to get better at different thing and achieve more in terms of ‘overall fitness’. I definitely neglect stretching and activities such as yoga, but this is definitely something I want to add into my routine.


Let me know the things you do to make you feel healthy!

Until next time

L x


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