Is it worth the hype? | Violet Voss Holy Grail pallette


Am I too late to the bandwagon with this review?! Ahhh who knows. But recently I picked up the Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow pallette after finally hunting it down, and having the money to splurge on BeautyBay. So here we go with the critiquing..


Firstly, the shade range is warm toned lover like me’s actual dream. From light to dark, shimmers to mates this pallette pretty much has you covered for any look your wishing to achieve.









The above swatches were taken in natural light and as you can see there is a great variation in pigmentation across the different finishes and shades. Overall the shimmer shades are what really stand out in this pallette, they’re super opaque and you only need one coat to achieve the expected finish. However, some of the matte shades lack pigment comparively to the shimmers and to other pallettes in a similar colour range such as the LimeCrime Venus 1 pallette.Especially the shade ‘So jelly’ which is definitely a dupe for ‘Shell’ from the Lime Crime pallete, but with a lot less pigment.  The depth of shades of mattes for me is perfect though, giving me every option in terms of transition shades and those to darken and smoke out a look. The pallette provides so many colour combiniations that the looks you could create really are endless, alongside a large mirror and slimline case making it perfect for travel (the initial reason for my purchase). Although the packaging for me just isn’t that sturdy considering the price I paid. Items such as the Naked 3 I know my shadows will be safe, but the cardboard casing of the shadows just seems a little flimsy and unfinished for something marketed as a ‘pro’ product.

Did my make up collection really need the addition of this pallette? If i’m being honest, no not at all. Being such a fan of warm tones I could probably compile a similar set of shades from around the other palletes and single eyeshadows I own. But do I regret purchasing the product? Absolutely not.Even just looking into the pallette makes me excited to play and fall back in love with creative and intricate make up looks.



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