lets talk self love

My least favourite thing about social media? The fact that it’s more common and accepted to self hate than it is to self love. If you preach about your love and gratitude for yourself you get looked down upon for being obnoxious and ‘big headed’, which is such a backwards attitude.

Loving yourself, and spending time alone is so important for your mental health, and all over general wellbeing. We all fall guilt to lacking self admiration, comparing ourself to others and never really choosing to just spend time alone.
Some days it feels like we wake up to please everyone but ourselves in life, we change our outlooks based on the views of others and sometimes even compromise ourself for others. This should never, ever be the case. Every single day we grow, we learn, we discover – and thats the truly beautiful thing about life.
You should love yourself without exception, and not fall critic to how other peoples lives and appearances compare to your own. Your body was made to house you, and give you life – without it you wouldn’t be here. A little stretch mark or scar is no reason to hate yourself or your body, it just shows that your body is tougher than the rest… Each day you should remember how amazing and individual you are, and thats everybody’s story is different.
So take time to relish in everything you achieve and be proud of yourself. Adore every inch of the life you are creating, and remind yourself that its all down to you. Go outdoors, be free, be alone. Grab coffee, take a class, play dress up, have a pj day, turn off your phone, be you.

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