improving your self love


Continuing on from my previous post discussing my agnst against the influence of social media on self confidence, I thought i’d write a little something about how to improve the love you have for yourself

1. Everyday before bed take 5 maybe 10 minutes to sit down and write something positive that you accomplished, made you feel proud, or something you did for yourself that made you feel happy.

2. Plan me time into your schedule. It might not be the most productive time of your week but its important for a happy and healthy state of mind. Cook yourself your favourite meal, binge watch your favourite netflix series and have a pamper night..Sometimes we all like to be a lil’ stereotypically girly.

3. Go out of your way to be nice to others. Sometimes self love isn’t about focusing on yourself, but focusing on others. I don’t know about you but seeing other people happy because of my actions gives me the warmest feeling inside, and reminds me that hey maybe I am a good person after all.

4. Cut off the people who make you question yourself. Boyfriend, girlfriend, bestfriend, house mate. It doesn’t matter who they are, someone who makes you question your self worth or makes you feel negatively about yourself they don’t deserve to be in your life its that point blank simple.

Sorry for my minor break, I was away exploring Italy with my boyfriend and pretty much took a social media break!

Love always, L

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