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Hello again internet pals.

So i’m coming at you with something a little different today and maybe even a little bit more personal (if that’s possible after delving into my flawed ways at university).

I’m not sure many people know this about me but my mum has been ill my entire life, giving birth to me nearly killed her… She has chronic kidney disease a seriously life altering event that I feel doesn’t get enough publicity for what it is. My mum used to frequently run, had a full time job and still managed to ferry me and my brother around our entire childhoods. Now she’s not physically allowed to work incase she gets an infection or illness whilst at work. She’s constantly tired, feeling sick and having to avoid certain foods to preserve her kidney function as much as possible.

My mum is one of the lucky ones though. At some point in 2016 she will be receiving a kidney from my auntie (a.k.a the most amazing and selfless woman ever). But finding a match is often difficult, many people don’t chose to be live donors for their loved ones. In this case most people have to wait until a deceased donor becomes available which doesn’t occur very frequently and often the patient themselves dies prior to a suitable donor becoming available.

Kidney Research UK is the leading funding body in research into chronic kidney disease, the causes, prevention and cures.

For this reason in September I am running a 5K (The great northern 5k none the less!) I was looking at doing the great North run but honestly right now the thought of running that far petrifies me. It’s not that i’m unfit or don’t exercise, it’s just distance is something I am 110% not used to. I thought 5K was the perfect distance for me to train hard at whilst still balancing uni and my normal training schedule. I wanted a distance I could run well at, not just trudge along through.

Even a 5K is coming as a shock to some of the people I train with (i’m bit of a lazy sprinter)…


If you would like to sponsor me my just giving link is;

Any amount would be so so so greatly appreciated. I’ll be keeping you all updated over the next nine months on how my journey goes! (expect lots of sweaty instagram selfies)

Lots of love!

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