University Goals of 2016.

Hello again!

So incase you didn’t know i’m a first year biomedical science student at the University of Sheffield. It’s rated very highly for my course and it was always my goal to get into. However…

I’ve been a little naughty since starting uni and really lost my focus and passion for science which is honestly something I never thought would happen. So i’m hoping these little pointers will help me achieve want I want to by the end of my first year at university.

1. Spend at least 20 hours in the library.
Now when I first wrote this down I was like ah crap wave goodbye to your social life Lorna! But then I realised it’s only 3 hours a day which in reality isn’t that bad at all considering I do way better work in the library than I do sat in my flat. (I am a sucker for getting distracted by my flat mates or online shopping)

2. Go out less.
I have gone out far far far too often in my first semester and not only has it burnt a whole in my bank account…curse you £1 shots. But it’s also made me loose progress in the gym, and loose focus of why i’m actually at uni. So instead of tequila it’s text books for me for a while!

3. Make all my lectures.
If you’d have told me a year ago I would regularly skipped lectures I would have laughed in your face and said as if! I’m pretty sure in my 7 years at secondary school I skipped one lesson and that was in year 13… Uni is hard because theres no real obligation for you to be there. Of course i’m paying for a degree but all my lectures get put online so sometimes I just snooze my alarm and go back to bed and make notes from the powerpoint. Which is the worst habit I could have adopted at uni (bar drugs) and it’s something I really need to shift. So i’m hoping by going out less i’ll sleep more and be wide awake and fresh for the several 9ams I have wonderfully been timetabled for the upcoming semester.

4. Ask more questions.
At the end of my lectures theres always the same group of people hovering around the lecturers waiting to ask questions and honestly most of the time I look at them in one of two ways either ‘what have you possibly got to ask about what we’ve just been taught’ or ‘lol you nerd’ which again is terrible. I’ve realised that I need to start taking advantage of lecturers knowledge more often and asking more questions and learning stuff in more detail.

5. Read more.
I’m going to try and aim for a book a month in the hope that I can surpass this and feel super proud of myself. I used to be a total book worm as a kid and that just kind of fizzled out.. I occasionally read the odd popular science book but never really finding myself finishing them because other things just take priority of my time. I also want to starting exploring other areas of science and expanding my knowledge in areas outside of my degree.

At the end of my first year I want to have achieved a 2.1 overall. I study biomedical science and honestly it is astronomically more difficult that what I expected it to be, so to walk away with 2.1 i’ll be satisfied. (Not happy, because unless I get 100% I am never happy and can always find floors). My aim is to get a first in a second set of exams i’ll be taking. We got to pick an optional module – I chose an animal and plants sciences one and I’m really hoping I can ace it (and use it as an excuse to meet new people). I’m really sorry if you don’t do science and this all means nothing to you hahaha. We also have a scientific debate in approximately 6 weeks and i’ve been working really hard to read lots of sources and gather lots of information so i’m hoping for a distinction in that!

Anyway, thats quite a ramble on about science and my lack of will power when it comes to going out!

Do any of you have any uni related new years resolutions?! Let me know if you do, it would be great to share and watch to see how you’re all doing. Also if you have any book recommendations please let me know!

Until next time!

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