Hello 2016!

Ok so firstly I feel like I should start with the obligatory Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous NYE whatever you got up to.. mine certainly didn’t go to plan but thats a different story! I’ve been looking forward to the new year for a while now. I’ve never really been one for the whole new year new me mantra but I was really looking forward to the idea of 2016 being a fresh start for me and saying goodbye to 2015 which was a pretty rough chapter in my life.

I was considering setting myself strict resolutions that I was going to whole heartedly stick by. But honestly the thought of not meeting them petrifies me, because then i’ll feel like a failure and it turns into more hassle than it was ever worth. So instead i’ve decided to set myself some new year ‘guidelines’ shall we say, and being the organisation freak that I am they are split into 5 categories! Now to some people this might seem a little excessive (and i’d be lying if I hadn’t looked down at them and thought bloody hell Lorna what is wrong with you) but I feel like they are honestly all achievable and 90% of them are life style changes as opposed to short term commitments. I let myself go slightly off the rales since starting uni and i’ve decided 2016 is the year I commit myself whole heartedly to life. I struggled a lot in probably the last 4 years with self loathing and feeling like the world was against me, when really it was me against the world and the idea in my head of what cards i’d been drawn in life and how it was all pretty unfair. But I think moving to uni has taught me that if I want to change something I can. I don’t need to live by what I think life is giving me. I can carve my own path and this year I am going to commit to making my life and myself something I am proud of. 
So I thought I would share my goals and guidelines with you. I always feel like if I make something like this public knowledge i’ll be more likely to stick to it based on people asking me about it and me wanting to show them that i’m working hard and i’m going to achieve my goals. I’m going to spread this out over a few blog posts as I have a lot to talk about! 
Lets start today with my personal goals for 2016. These are ones i’m setting myself to improve my character, my outlook on life and honestly just how I experience and handle day to day life. Ways of creating memories and becoming a better person. 
1. Travel more
Now i’ve literally never left the UK….ever…and i’m 18 years old. But this is all about to change quite frequently over the next 3 months! A week today i’m off to Amsterdam with my best friend and I am so beyond excited I regularly squeal and lose sleep in anticipation. I’m so excited for the whole aspect of the trip from experiencing the airport for the first time, packing my bags and deciding what make up I can take (yes I have been prep planning it and yes it will be way to much) to just roaming a city i’ve never been to and exploring every corner I have time to. We’ve already planned to visit the Anne Frank museum and a view cool science museums i’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time (nerd alert!). I’m also going to Budapest in March with my uni course and to Spain a few days later with the uni athletics team for some warm weather training! (finally my skin will feel real sunshine!) My aim for the year is to visit 10 new places wether this be country, city or just experiencing a place in a new way. 
2. Be more open minded and forgiving. 
I am that person that holds a grudge for approximately 3989329585 years after an argument or falling out occurs. I can’t help myself but to cling onto it. I want to open my mind up to new things, new ideas and new people. But also to forgive people and situations that have upset me. This started pretty well on NYE when I saw my ex and his new girlfriend and wished them both a happy new year…even if he did sleep with her when we were together. 

3. Step out of my comfort zone more often.
This definitely started happening in 2015, but now it’s time to get serious. I want to try new things that I would never thought I could see myself doing. The idea of this excites me greatly as I know it will help me overcome fears and really push to be the person that I want to be in life.

4. Improve my money skills.
My entire student loan in my first semester got spent on pretty much everything but food and actual life necessities. As a result of my ludicrous spending i’m now seeing Justin Bieber, Busted and Rihanna next year and rocking several new pairs of trainers and gym gear so I guess its not all bad! But I would really like to start saving for the future, for travelling and for my masters degree. Maybe i’ll get a job to help me with this?! Unfortunately between an intense uni course and training most dys of the week i’m not really left with much time for earning money.

4. Blog consistently. 
I’ve wanted to do this for so so so long yet I always seem to shove it aside after a while and never really commit to it. From now on i’m going to have regular posting schedule because I honestly just love sitting down and writing.. and well basically rambling like this post has turned into but still..

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