a year in summary

2015 was the most defining year of my life so far. Between a levels, heartbreak, drunken nights at music festivals and moving to a new city a lot changed and a lot was learnt. I’m pretty certain that this year will be one i look back on and smile fondly about even if a lot of it was painful.

The year began a lot differently to how i’m finishing it… (curled up in bed hunched over a laptop procrastinating from doing a pile of uni work). The start of 2015 saw me in probably the best place mentally that i’d been in years. I was on top of the world and felt like nobody could touch me. I felt like I had everything, and everyone. When on reflection, I couldn’t have been more wrong. My priorities were warped and lost in a whirlwind of what I thought was right for me at the time.

I powered on through my A levels, even with a lacklustre approach in comparison to how I had been the year before. But there was never a shadow of doubt about my end goal- to study Biomedical science at The University of Sheffield. So between struggling with teachers, a boyfriend and a serious illness I managed to get through my a levels.

Summer came and so did my school prom. Saying goodbye to some of the most memorable people in my life was tough, and I miss many people more than I sometimes care to admit. I went to wireless festival and had a crazy time, seeing some of my favourite people live all whilst nursing a great hangover. My birthday came and I spent it drunk in a pub with my best friends and disappointingly didn’t get ID’d for my first legal drink…(dreams crushed). It also saw the breakdown of my relationship which was honestly a character building experience. It saw me at my lowest for such a long period of time over summer but then came August.

August was FUCKING INSANE to say the least. I went to Brighton with my girls for a very, very eventful weekend at gay pride. There was ambulances, sun burn, girls going gay for the weekend, street parties, drinking on the beach and lots of cute men (even if the majority did like men). Then came results day the most nerve racking day of my entire life. Ever. But… I did it! Despite everything piling up against me throughout the 2 years of a levels I did it and got into the University of Sheffield.
August also saw V fest which was accompanied by copious amounts of vodka and sambuka and 3 tin challenges but it was the perfect way to celebrate getting into uni. (Even if i did spend the money intended for uni text books on a last minute ticket at 7pm on the first day of the festival)

September saw several emotional goodbyes with the girls, drunk crying in pub toilets and stumbling out of clubs at 6am.. I also moved to university and met my wonderful flat, the athletics team and whole host of people in between. Uni is honestly the most eye opening experience. I’ve learnt so much, and honestly most of it has been life skills and being a better person rather than whats been lectured to me or found in the library. If you’re questioning uni please please please go, aside from the degree its the most amazing thing and i’m so glad I went.

As for December, i’m back with my family for a couple of weeks. Getting to spend time with the girls, and my best friend. Causing just as much mayhem, drinking just as much wine and having copious amounts of fun.

Heres to 2015, the year that changed me for the better.
Lots of love,

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