So I found myself at the top of this giant hill in the middle of Scottish boarders and I found myself in a very reflective mood about the past nine months, and it’s safe to say i’ve learnt a whole lot about life.

1. People do not change.
As much as they say they will, as much as you want them to for the best will in the world they won’t.

2. Friends are the family you can choose.
My girls are blooding amazing & so is my best friend. 6 people that I most definitely couldn’t have got through the last year without. I’m so lucky and proud to have them all in my life.

3. Mums are bloody brilliant.
I spent ages having this really awkward relationship with my mum where I just wouldn’t let her in or tell her anything about my life apart from the stuff she wanted to hear. It turns out a breakup is awesome for mother daughter relationships and now she’ll happily join in on the latest gossip.. (even if it does involve me passing out drunk)

4. Overthinking is a waste of time.
I’ve also spent my fair share of time overthinking life down to the tiniest detail, and now i’ve realise just how pointless it all was. Me sitting and worrying and panicking and crying isn’t going to change whats going to happen is it? As nasty as it is overthinking only makes you more aware of the horrible things.

5. Choose happiness.
Don’t do something because it makes others happy, don’t do something that doesn’t make you happy. Put yourself first & live every day happy.

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